It's a short week, so it's short news.

I got a maintenance release out for 514 on Monday, but a bug slipped past testing (it would've escaped most tests so I don't feel too bad about missing it, even though it was a stupid typo), so I had to do a new release yesterday to fix it. Fun! But at least that's all set and the latest round of bug fixes is in place.

515 has some new procs: floor(), ceil(), trunc(), and fract(). floor() is just a new name for the old one-argument round(), which still exists. All of the others were doable in soft code before, but they'll be faster in their new incarnations and it just made sense to get to them now. I also made an improvement to for(A in B) where B is one of a few special lists like range(); BYOND has special handling for view() and oview() and block(), but not for range/viewers/hearers, so that will be available for the future.

Not much else to tell, besides that I'm still doing cleanup and refactoring to lay some foundations for future features that won't even make it into 515. But they're still worth doing, because it's making so many things easier to work with than before.

Anyway, that's the short news. Thanks once more to everyone who's helped BYOND through becoming a Member or donating via one of the other channels. Your support really means a lot.

I'll be live-blogging the Macy's parade tomorrow morning, and boy I hope this year's is a lot less weird than last year. Probably we'll end up about 35% weird, which isn't good enough but it's what we're gonna get. Hopefully we'll at least have some proper balloons and no more footage of that horrendous starfish alien sun thing. But personally, I'm always pulling for Snoopy; the parade isn't the same without him.
I hope you a have a great Thanksgiving while enjoying a properly cooked Turkey :D
Have a great Thanksgiving devs and you who is reading this!