Greetings, dear readers. Lots of fun games to cover today, as well as some interesting adjustments being made by Lummox JR for 515. I'm excited for the incoming changes, and I hope you are too. They're going to cover almost all aspects of even the most basic of game creation here on BYOND, so everyone should be paying attention to what he's been posting lately. As for me, I've just recently come into an awesome career opportunity, which I'm incredibly excited for. It's also been very hot lately, which has made touching grass sweatier than normal. Well, I suppose that's enough about me, you're here for the games, so let's cover them!


Lummox JR gave us a bit of an April Fools teaser, citing crypto and bringing back the old blogs, which pulled at some of our heartstrings, I'm sure. Joking aside, Lummox JR has been very busy lately, juggling potential pathfinding adjustments and overhauling the map editor, and by "overhaul" I really do mean overhaul, including some more modern UI upgrades and workflow adjustments to make map editing much more fluid. The nuances of Lummox JR breaking undo/redo on the map editor as well as repairing and improving it got their fair share of attention on Patreon, and so did musings about moving the DMI format to DMI 5. Slogging through endless refactorings and a personal loss to boot, Lummox JR has made serious progress on the map editor, and a recent scope switch to bug reports and feature requests has delivered us a new maintenance release, 514.1584, which resolves a number of backlogged problems that have built up over the past few weeks. I'm excited to try out the modern map editor, and I hope you are too!

BYOND Games It's been a little while, but Hazordhu has gotten some more love from our beloved F0lak! Booting up the game, you'll immediately be faced with a brand new fancy-dancy title screen, but the eye candy doesn't stop there, as F0lak has added a number of visual effects using particles and filters, including water reflections and resource gathering animations. Some system-oriented changes have been added as well, including inventory management improvements and animal damage type weaknesses. As you play, you might also see some random events happen around you that should spice up what would ordinarily be a typical resource gathering operation. In all, F0lak has been giving Hazordhu some serious attention, so head on over to Steam and pick it up! You should recognize Magicbeast20 from previous editions of Within BYOND, but what you may not recognize is Quarantine 2! In this title sequel to Quarantine, you and three other players must complete various tasks in the map and slay hordes of undead to win! There are currently two game modes, one that involves players fighting from safehouse to safehouse, performing tasks to unlock the way forward, and another that involves defending a static location for as long as possible against increasingly difficult hordes of zombies. As you play, you will unlock customizable characters and sprites to fit your dream apocalyptic survivor! Grab some friends and connect to one of the official servers today! Devourer of Souls has been cooking up a massive expansion in Sigrogana Legend 2! The island of Korvara, once forgotten, has been rediscovered! The expansion will feature a massive area, rich with positions and factions for players to head and manage, as well as new dangerous environmental hazards and enemies. Also to come is a whole new class, the Bard, turning song and dance into powerful, invigorating magic! With plenty of new treasure to acquire and lots of opportunity for players to become legends, Korvara is expected to arrive sometime in June this year. Should you be interested in the full teaser, you should check out the full teaser site! Inutaishos has brought Azusa RP Online back to life! The recent Steam announcement highlights some of the core changes, such as a new area called The God's Path which links the Underworld to Olympo. The Judge of the Underworld can now judge unjudged souls as a Hero and send them to Olympo to meet gods and become immortal. Spiritual Teleport now requires someone with Sekishiki power to start a ritual on the Sekishiki map to work, and there is now a harder cap to promote a more livelier sense of progression. Azusa came back up on the 15th of May, but it's still thriving at the moment, so feel free to hop in and roleplay your heart out!

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  • Wanna brighten your game's environments with professional-grade lighting effects? Try out the recently-remastered Kii_Lighting by Kumorii! I can attest to its brilliance and ease-of-inclusion!
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I also want to let everyone know that I'm ramping up my Deep Dive posts on my Patreon, where I cover in-depth some of the system designs, programming and reasoning behind some of the things that we do in Hazordhu! In the past I covered Hazordhu's particle system and AI. For may I covered the render stack and water effects, June will harken a of the game's GUI. I've got much much more on the way, so be sure to check them out and if you're able, support what I love to do, make games and share what I know.
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