Quarantine 2

by Magicbeast20
Quarantine 2
Fight alone or with your friends against a never ending army of infected. Can you survive?
Hello Byond,

I've uploaded a new version of Quarantine 2, and in this update I've fixed some major bugs that made the servers go offline for a couple days while also adding new exciting features while improving previous systems.

I'm very proud to announce that the game now features human AI that will be able to assist real players in completing levels! Bots will spawn once a player initiates the game level, and will automatically fill until the total alive player count is 4. They will spawn with random weapons and will pick a random player to begin following.

Bots have the ability to revive downed players, search for ammo, and evade zombies while still following the player. Players will also be able to revive downed bots.

I've also uplodated a download link for a singleplayer version of Quarantine 2! Now players can host their own private servers for others to join. Hosts are given an additional interface option within the main menu, and from here have full control over their server.

While savefiles can be transferred between Official Servers-- joining a Player Server will not transfer your savefile from the Official Servers.

Player spectating has also been added, and allows you to either free-roam the map or follow an alive player. I'm actually contemplating on removing the free-roam option, as currently as a spectator you can leave the map-bounds. But for now the feature is still available to play around with.

Character outfits have also been introduced as well as a complete redesign of the character menu located within the Customization tab: You now have the option to change the skin color of your player, as well as unlock new outfits!

I still need to add some outfits for the female character design- so I went ahead and removed the option to change your gender, however; the next update I should be about to pump out some more outfit designs.

Overall optimizations and cpu reductions have seen a major improvement on gameplay, and as such I'm able to add more zombies to the map at a time! Simply choosing a harder difficulty will result in more zombies being spawned on the map, as well as increasing their overall strength and health!

Here's a full list of all the changes within v0.4:

human AI!!
new perk icons
new perks
player spectating
character outfits
new character design menu! --moved away from basic interfaces
redesigned characters
Players can no longer see eachothers lights
increased overall ammo amount
there will now spawn more zombies the harder the difficulty is set to
currently; zombie count & strength will increase depending upon Difficulty
other minor bugs
hordes not spawning on Mercy Hospital
opacity issues --could see mobs through walls
weapon reloading --player controls would freeze when completely out of ammo
lighting issues
players were being attacked randomly without any monsters nearby
reduced overall cpu usage