Quarantine 2

by Magicbeast20
Quarantine 2
Fight alone or with your friends against a never ending army of infected. Can you survive?
Hello BYONDers,

The latest version of Quarantine 2 has been uploaded for download and play! The exe has also seen an update; as of now, the exe will automatically boot up into a local version of Quarantine 2.

The guns have been nerfed a bit, as its now harder for weapons to insta-kill zombies. Weapon ping's occasionally didn't show damage, which has also been fixed. You can also now right-click Ammo to pick it up!

I've spent more time optimizing the zombie ai, and have managed to re-add special infected. Spitter's have recieved an upgrade in regards to their firing acid move, while Boomer's have seen a general improvement of their exploding effect.

A new special infected named Recker has been introduced! This character functions as a tank style enemy. With a large amount of health and strength, this enemy will require several players in order to be defeated.

Reckers are not affected by barbwire. You will be alerted to an imbound Recker as indicated by your screen beginning to shake!

Female players have also been re-added as I fixed and improved the player customization window. As I continue working I'll still need to add additional hairstyles and clothing for both genders, but overall everything should be functioning properly!

Here's a full list of the changes below;

human players can now walk through teammates
new perk: Run N' Gun - Allows players to move and fire their weapon
new ai- Recker: Shakes players screen when close, has significantly increased health/damage, very slow, not affected by barbwire
explosive barrells!
- players can move by bumping into
overall zombie health increased
overall weapon accuracy decreased(its now less likely for players to insta-kill zombies)
Special Infected have been re-added/optimized
Spitters firing have been improved
Boomers explosion improved
Female characters have been re-introduced
human ai dissapered when too far away from player
player customization issues
damage modifier sometimes did not display when damaging zombies
Players could not pick up stacked ammo- players can now RIGHT CLICK ammo on the ground to pick it up
players can no longer fire a weapon and move at the same time(new perk added)
Oh hell yes. Can't wait to get murdered in the dark.