Greetings, readers! I hope you're surviving the heat wave. If your AC is experiencing issues, you'd best get on that, because the heat's not going to let up anytime soon. As for BYOND, there's much to talk about this time! I've seriously enjoyed reading what Lummox JR, and you all, have been working on lately, with some big names making big moves! Without further ado, strap yourselves in, and let's go!


Our beloved BYOND Developer Lummox JR has been gridifying the pop palette and adding live-editing support for filters on the new map editor for 515. He's also been quite busy pushing out a maintenance release and exploring the case of a missing client (a predicament you, dear reader, may too have run into!) Having to dig into the depths of the icon editor's code not once, but twice, sparked inspiration in Lumbum to write a a very interesting Patreon post about how icons work internally, which may be of interest to some of the deep-diving readers. After much finnagling and plenty of blood, sweat, tears, pain, and maybe just a bit of comfort food, Lummox JR is right at the cusp of releasing an Alpha for 515, which means the Beta should be in your hands soon enough!

BYOND Games There's something to be said about developers who wade through code that was written many, many, many moons ago. That's what Kapu1178 has been doing lately in Project Therac. You see, TG Station's atmospherics system, genius as it may be, hasn't been touched very often by many codebases because of its complexity, age, and size. The desire to do so, however, is high because of the amount of performance improvements that can be made. Kapu, clearly better than the rest of us, saw this and figured he could do better. With the help of LemonInTheDark and Lohikar, "ZAS" from Baystation was ported over to a TG base, which is absolutely monumental. What this means is that advanced atmospheric events can not only occur, but happen quickly enough to somewhat closely mimic real-life chemistry. Let's say you were to light a fire in a Supermatter engine's surrounding oxygen-rich chamber, and as the fire rages, growing in heat, pressure begins to build and you end up causing a "pressure hurricane", throwing all sorts of loose items around that bludgeon anyone or anything unlucky enough to be nearby... Like the surrounding glass and windows, which then begins to violently throw all that debris out towards the planet. All that glorious destruction and more await you in the currently small, but growing, community of Project Therac. If you're interested in following Kapu's further exploits, consider joining their Discord server as they continue to get set up! Hey, you! Do you like psionics? Do you like summoning forth godlike weaponry, cleaving your foes asunder with unmatchable power, and engaging in combat with other deities to become the ultimate immortal? Look no further, as Psiforged is starting testing tomorrow! Newly-added Divine Weapons, depicted to the right, are summonable and can be commanded to attack targets as though they were sentient. Also obtainable are a wide variety of psionic powers that allow you to assimilate your enemies and disrupt wide areas with psionic storms. You should totally check out the announcement post that Doughy One (aka Ginseng) posted if you want to get right into the psionic energy-beaming action and help contribute to ongoing development! Next up is a repeat feature that truly deserves it for all the hard work and dedication put in by all involved... Devourer of Souls has launched the Kovara expansion for Sigrogana Legend 2, and the changelog is absolutely massive! The expansion features 4 brand new Korvara-based races playable only if you were born in Korvara, 12 new dungeon maps, 21 new battlefield maps, 14 new interjoining exterior maps, and finally, what we're all here for, functional seats and beds! A massive batch of new items were added, as well as new quest-based items. In addition to the previously-mentioned Bard class, there are two new promoted classes for the Bard: the Performer and the Dancer. Honestly, if you're not checking out this Korvara expansion, you're missing out. There's just so much added content! Speaking of expansions and releases, Eternia: Chronicles of Esshar is launching its very own expac: Meranthe! Meranthe is also known as the Land of Ymir, a very large land with challenging geography and enough lore to drown in! Dare ye walk through the Silent Expanse, the massive desert to the west, or get to close to the Shadowlands to the east, Meranthe will consume you if you are not prepared! In Meranthe, characters can progress through a variety of magic progression patterns and explore a wide variety of new spells and effects. Faith is progressed by devoting yourself to religion, whether it's an existing one or one all your own. Necromancy grows stronger as you continue to sap the mana from fallen magi, and Black Magic is manifested when you sign your soul away in a Hellbound contract. Outside of player progression, players can submit their own custom-made props to contribute to the game, and explore vast and challenging dungeons, all controllable via a Dungeon Master, who have been granted a wide selection of new tools and toys to terrorize a party with! The release date for Meranthe is August 5th, 2022, so you had best check out the full feature list for Meranthe and prepare yourself for the adventure of a lifetime!

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