It's been a hot mess of a week, but I have good news to report anyway.

Most of this week I've spent working on optimizations, because trying to work with SS13 builds for testing the map editor was turning out to be a huge problem. While it's still a huge problem, I did manage to make serious headway in the amount of time it takes to compile.

The funny thing is that the specific optimizations I talked about last week did very little, even though on paper I was sure they'd be a bigger deal. It was other areas where the really big improvements showed up. But what matters is the final result, and the result I got was a roughly 30% improvement in a very large (even by SS13 standards) codebase.

I need to get back to the map editor and make some more changes before the next alpha release, because I ran into an issue that this optimization sidetracked me from. There's a bug where during compilation something went wrong with the movables on the map, which didn't show up in my other tests but did in Yogstation, so hopefully my optimizations will make that less of a pain to sort out. But once that's dealt with, we'll be one step closer to beta.

Again I'm grateful to all of the BYOND Members and supporters who make this work possible. I knew the compile times in particular were a big deal to the game makers, and it's always worth going the extra mile for you guys.

Next week is where things are gonna get even dicier when it comes to the schedule. Development is gonna be really haphazard for the next few weeks because there's a lot going on here on the home front. Bear with me, and I'll keep working to get you the new beta as soon as I can. The weekly news will be out on Thursday next week.
Lummox JR wrote:
The result I got was a roughly 30% improvement in a very large (even by SS13 standards) codebase.