Nothing happened this week.

Well, not entirely nothing, because over the weekend I was doing some bug fix work, with the expectation I was going to take a big chunk of Monday to put up my Christmas tree, and then get back to bug fixes that night. Unfortunately, I was struck down by the plague.

On Monday morning I had lost most of a night's sleep from a nasty bout of chest congestion, but I toughed it out to get the tree up. By the time I was done I realized things were getting way worse, but I had a negative test. Even so, more sleep was lost, and I decided to have my doctor's office run their own tests for whatever might be going on.

So yep, to make a long story short I've had my third round with the Wuhan virus. But all Omicron ever did to me in January was give me a less-awful-than-expected sore throat and make me a bit tired. When I got sick again in April, that variant was identical. This one hit different. And it happened a week and a half after a booster.

I'm on antivirals now and I've been improving over the last few days, but I've been in no condition to finish up bug work so it's all pushing off to next week, when hopefully I'll be up and running over 80%. Higoten has made sure I'll have plenty on my plate.

Thank you so much to all of you who chip in to help support the platform, whether it's through your Memberships or donations, on any platform. I'll be back to work soon to make that support count.

Next week: hopefully less coughing, less headaches, better sleep. A man can dream, right?