by Wanabe
Chaotic zombie shooting action game.
hi i just made a account and i tried to play your game but it says guest cant play but im not a guest
Try to log in and out of byond. Sometimes with this being a more recent update it has trouble detecting really new accounts. If this doesn't fix them problem, just reply and I will give you another solution.
i loged in and out like 7 times and it still saying same thing
i also cant connect to any games and if i try and host one it says my byond pager is offline and its connecting me in as a guest
In response to Liminisnickets123
Hi there,

It sounds like you're having some sort of firewall/port forwarding issue.
Have you added an exception for BYOND access to your software firewall?

Although outdated, the following link may be useful to you:

You need to find out your router model and go to its page. Some of the instructions are out of date; Eg to change the port on BYOND you now open the BYOND pager, click file->preferences and go to the "advanced" tab.

I noticed you have also posted a thread here which is a more correct location for this kind of issue. So I am going to close this thread.