i've been sitting on beware of the weredude in a playable state for years at this point.

the roadblock is i simply am not a good enough programmer to create a multi-server platform that transfers players from a hub to a playable server, fulfills a round and sends the players back to the hub. post game would have the playable server reboot and open back up for more matchmaking

looking for:
a programmer that can create a server framework. the framework must be accompanied with notes, and if possible created in a simple enough format that i may add additional features to the hub server.

what i would like is that upon firing up the game a players logs into server a(the hub server). from here they can press the matchmaking button, where they will be queued up and matched with other players.

these players are transferred to a server b (one of many playable servers). upon round completion, server b reboots and is unlocked for further use while whatever skins/currency unlocked from the round is saved and sent back to server a alongside the player.

at the moment, the game can only have one server b up at a time with no central save and requires manual matchmaking. by creating a server a framework and central save, i could host multiple server b's and have players jumping in and out of them while their server saves update and remain on server a.

what i can offer:
* payment that you feel is fair for the job, whether it be a lump sum or you clock your hours.
* a percentage of future project profits given that you stay onboard to assist with future technical problems and/or additions to the project.
* unique skins in-game.

want to test the game out?
message me and i can send files for you to do a solo test(though it very much is a multiplayer game) or we can try and coordinate a 3 or 4 player round.

for reference, you can also view the small amount of media on this game here and below this post; keep in mind, these screenshots are rather old and do not exactly reflect the current state of the game. BewareoftheWEREDUDE#

edit: here are some more modern screenshots of the game showing off how the wereraccoon, werefox, some survivors and the three stages.

2/3 maps (the forest and the suburbs) are complete while the motel (a 8 player map, 2 werewolf map) is fully mapped out, can be explored and has some unique npc's completed, but still requiring to have it's game mode + player programming completed.