Poke Wisteria Online RP

by Inutaishos
Wisteria is a Roleplay Driven Online game that happens 30 years before Red's adventure, be part of the creation of the Pokemon League and change the story and the world as we know! Check alot of creative mechanics and follow the game development
Admin Testing is done, everything is ready.
(no childrens have been injured during the settings, that was actually a Ditto, I swear.)

This will be our first Wipe with Kanto-Johto starting together in a more accessible cross-lore setting! traveling cross the regions should be easier and more common so pick wisely where you want your journey to start!

⊖Boosted 10x the way Natures affect a pokémon (Now you should consider it!)
⊖Changed the game's progression:
-Now instead of stopping gaining once you reach the cap your gains will be reduced, incase you level up beyond the cap, the global cap will be adjusted to your new value. (This removes the need for the playerbase to stop playing if they are capped, so you can still progress. and if you dont want to grind you can still catch up fairly easy, all without needing to wait for an admin to weekly increase the cap)
⊖Increased the first salary (Now instead of receiving 0 on our first day, we receive half (250 if 0 rp), then full on second day)
⊖Reduced Wisteria Ferry ticket price from 1000$ to 100$
⊖Reduced the black market value of collect-able items from breeders (they were way better then criminal's extractions and easier to get)
⊖Paired Evolution Base-Levels of Kanto pokémon to the classic games (No reason for them to be unpaired now)
⊖Changed the way Arenas Boosts works: Now it only boosts incase of super effectives to the arena type + their own types receive a boost of 0.3x(+0.3x incase of Dump ability) on battle efficiency (before it could reach higher value in a less controled perspective)
⊖Fixed a roll of bugs on the Arena Boosts:
⊖Removed the Recent RPP need for increasing relationship with pokémon (this just made the game extra complex/complicated for new players).
⊖With the Recent RPP removal on relationship; also now its not needed recent to hatch eggs.
⊖Added Auto-Project database (A database where admins can list down automatic preset-requeriments for projects that would automatically reward the members of a project upon completion)
⊖Added Investments to Projects, where players can invest influence, items, pokémon etc in Projects (And prompt them)
⊖Added new item: Random Stone Package (a box countaining a random evolution item)
⊖Extended the forest west of Celadon.
⊖Customized Digglet's mods to fit PWO's
⊖Customized Bomseel's mods to fit PWO's
⊖Changed Regional Ticket price from 50c to 4c.
⊖Added Mahogany City in Johto (Gym, School, Center, Mart, Factory, Street Crimes)
⊖Added Ecruteak Gym,
⊖Added Goldenrod City in Johto (National Park, Gym, Hospital, Mart)
⊖Added Blackthorn City in Johto (Jail, Gym, Center, Mart, School)
⊖Fixed a bug with LOOC:
⊖Seasonal Capsule Pokemons: Charmander, Bulbasaur, Squirtle, Chikorita, Cyndaquil, Totodile, Treecko, Torchic, Mudkip, Chimchar, Turtwig, Piplup, Riolu, Dratini
⊖Fixed Stones Drops in Kanto Mines
⊖Now RP bubble will stick incase you tab out of the game (for people who use translator etc to dont keep missing turns etc)
⊖Fixed a problem that if you dismissed job, the next first salary was 0
⊖Fixed some bugs with Shiny Eggs in Johto.
Dr. Borsig will be there.