fps = 40
view = 8
icon_size = 16
turf = /turf/checker
mob = /mob/player
movement_mode = PIXEL_MOVEMENT_MODE


Problem description:

Hey, could someone explain how to make my pixel movement more smooth? When I use values like 4, 8 it works fine… But when use 2, or 6 (sneaking and running) camera start shaking. With values I need (2,6), it's looks bad only when move diagonally. When I play in window mode it doesn't look so bad, but in full screen (FHD) it looks terrible.
Any idea how to fix this?
It could be featured, to add more dynamic when sprinting.

Right, so the documentation on movement_mode is somewhat wrong right now.

glide_size has an effect when in pixel_movement_mode.

Here's how you fix this issue:

glide_size = 1#INF

This will disable gliding by default for all movable atoms.

You might want to actually use a normal glide size eventually for some objects, but you need to experiment with how glide_size works now in pixel movement mode. It's pretty cool.
Seriously though, experiment with using a low glide_size in pixel movement mode. Moving twice in a short duration causes a little bit of a snap of the camera, but so long as you are consistently moving the mob every frame, it's fine. But when you stop moving, you get some extra frames of the mob gliding smoothly into position.

movement_mode = PIXEL_MOVEMENT_MODE
glide_size = 1
glide_size = 1
step_size = 6

Give that a shot and see how buttery it feels.