Physically it's been another difficult week, so I didn't feel up to starting the SendMaps testing. Plus I think a lot of the hosts who'll be testing that are still in the process of readying their code for 515, and it made sense to give them more time.

So instead I started off the week working on a few bug reports, and as one of the test cases involved SS13, it led me back down a familiar rabbit hole: trying to optimize the compiler. Basically any time I can shave a significant time off of compilation the SS13 world rejoices, so I thought it was sensible to try again.

Without going into too much detail (I'll talk about it more on Patreon for the early-access post), suffice it to say the profiler consistently told me I had hay to make in a certain area and almost every time I tried to use caching to solve it, it either didn't work, barely worked, or sometimes made the problem worse.

I do however think I'm closing in on being able to add a progress meter to the generation and object processing phases of the compiler, which will be a cool addition and a nice quality-of-life feature.

SendMaps threading tests are coming very soon. I'm still hoping to recover a little further for the sake of making it easier to handle any problems as they come up. My hunch is that any hidden issues with this are gonna be very tough to debug, so I'm doing all I can to prepare useful info that will help me in that endeavor.

If you appreciate all this ongoing development, don't forget to tip your friendly neighborhood developer. All of you who've helped support this through BYOND Memberships and on other donation platforms are hugely appreciated.

Watch out on the roads tonight, and doubly so if your route takes you past a fish fry. Next week: More development, hopefully less shoulder pain, probably less snow. Technically spring begins Monday, so I'm looking out for Mother Nature to give us her usual salty slap in the face to remind us all who's boss.
Very excited for the SendMaps testing, been looking forward to it for a week or two now. Glad you're starting to feel better.

Reducing BYOND's performance overhead is one of the main things I'd like to see and SendMaps threading is, from what I understand, a great improvement on that.

Thank you for all your hard work!