My team and I just finished a crash course newbie video for aspiring BYOND developers! Zero to hero in 55 minutes!

If you're interested in making games in BYOND and don't know where to start, check it out here:

Thank you for helping to support the continuity of BYOND. Keep Grinding :)
Sorry for the necro post, but just wanted to let you know I got bored at work last week and decided to see if there were Byond programming videos on YT and yours came up. This is so good.

I decided to move some of my personal projects over to Byond for nostalgia reasons.

Thanks for the videos!
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So glad you find them useful! We're working to keep a steady stream of uploads coming to cover even more topics.

Be sure to hop in the Discord if you haven't yet; we've got a lot of helpful guys in there to help you out: