In response to Ourico
In response to Ourico
In response to Ourico
In response to Ourico
In response to Ourico

Come on, everyone, gather round
Let your hearts beat, let them vibrate
Till this anthem stops
I'll laugh when you mimic the deity you idolize
Look, for those who have died
Add a flower to their consolation prize
Till Iíve finished with them
Shout your faith in the devil
Until your voice dries up

Youíre more special than anyone else
Your colour will never fade away
Cheap and cruel ideals keep being
Pushed by stupid adults
But Iíll make them disappear
At Godís mercy
Youíre a satellite, born only to be destroyed
If you're going to live in such an unreasonable world
Why don't you just leave everything to me?

"Life (1) is just too painful (2) to endure."
That's what they (3) say, but they don't commit (428471).
If you want me to kill (56) you, I'll (666) do it.
Would you like to be raw (7) or flayed (89)?
All the days (9) you've been (10) complaining (11) about your pain
I'll just end (12) your consultation today.
A statistic (14) this bad (225) would be for the best.
So I can (13) speak of it without being hated.

You're more special than anyone else.
I'll make sure that your life is not destroyed
A cruel, cheap, and foolish god
has a prison
Iím pulling you out from
No more sorrow, no more pain.
Nothing matters to you anymore.
Instead, while you're happy and your life is at its peak
Will you let me have a piece?

Come on, everyone, gather round
Starting with the children who washed up
Here you go, eat up.
Iíll be back in town late at night
To hunt for new ďapplesĒ
I beg your pardon

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