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Hey I haven't been on byond since 2006/2007. My original account, as you may guess, is Rechocto, but when I try to sign in, byond wants me to reset my password. The only way it will let me is by sending an email to an email account that no longer works - which I have similarly not been on since 2006 and I am unable to recover. I know the email address it is going to, and I am pretty sure I know the password to my original account here on Byond; is there any active staff that can verify me and reactivate it manually, or change the email attached to it?

I also still have MOST of my byond projects and source files backed up on an old harddrive, which should be able to be matched to the account info saved on the servers.
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The customer contact form isn't working either.
Having the same issue with my old key, Rykon. We could use some help for any staff that see this.
i am also trying to access my old account JamsSmith2.0 but i cant get into i dont even remeber the email nor password to byond