Poke Wisteria Online RP

by Inutaishos
Wisteria is a Roleplay Driven Online game that happens 30 years before Red's adventure, be part of the creation of the Pokemon League and change the story and the world as we know! Check alot of creative mechanics and follow the game development
Hello guys, as I managed to figure and fix this final bug reported on the nuzlocke mode test, I have a few things to announce:

First of all: We reached the "end of wipe" playercount as everyone knows so we are getting into a short downtime, so we can get ready to move onto testing the other features as soon as possible.

Since this was a shorter wipe then average this month wont be counted as a patreon uptime month, so patreons of september will receive credits on the next months wipe related to their pledge, however it wont go with the doubled credit (as it was a this month's sale).

And since this one's test caused ALOT of confusion on people on what we were exactly going to test (as they were properly announced only on few days before opening) I want to pre-announce atleast our roadmap to the next wipe:

Main test: NORMAL MODE.
following the line of the difficulty modes, we tested NUZLOCKE/Serious mode, we will test next the Normal mode, an inbetween these two difficulty and will have these main features (and as we test we will balance):
x- Toggle lethal battles. (Settings on top of your screen you can toggle a pvp battle into having lethal intentions or not)
x- Setable extension areas with danger zones (wilds on normal maps wont be lethal, but wilds on extensions/caves set to be lethal will be)
x- Nurse rework, able to heal up to 30% DR
x- non lethal unsafe KO damage around 8% DR (on gyms and with first aid around 2%)
as a mode, Kids/Normal/Serious could be changed at runtime to fit the current story situation, but since its a test, next wipe will be NORMAL only.

-Add Trainer Progression
-Add Normal Mode:
-Update Breeder guides
-New default Ranks: Head Doctor, Mines Executive (Rocket?).
-Games corner?
-Battle Song
-League Plateau + Elite Four Ranks
-Looking for RP button (similar to call police, a buttom that will ping on OOC something like this "Someone is looking for RP in Cerulean +'Forest')
The +'text' would be a short description the player can set
-Faster day cycle, (instead of 2 days a RL day, it will be 4 days a RL day, this will reduce alot the need of "waiting time" to perform alot of actions like receive salary etc, hopefully also increasing the game's activety time)
-Fixing KO with double hit breaking nurses
-Type Starterballs on capsule : Similar to random egg starters, but would be type based (and ofc, can only be used as starters)
-Common Starters will be a database thing, so we can edit different common starters depending on each wipe.

Keep in mind this is the roadmap to the next wipe, and as roadmap not everything might be finished in time (aka this isnt an changelog.)
feel free to brainstorm about one thing or the other, and get ready for next wipe shortly:

Also while I have your attemption we will start some votes on the next wipe settings:
Vote in discord: https://discord.gg/MGhhsfx #announcements channel

ps: In any cap mode, we will follow a double exp gains on each new week to keep a nice catch up (+ on late game exp needed to lv up are way too absurd, so we need it exponentially increased as we play)

Well, now last and not least: First opening ETA is: October 8th.
But as usual be patient and expect re-scheduleing as I am still developing.
Also if you like the directions we are going and want to support the project consider becoming a patreon: