It's been a busy week, but one of the important milestones in it was finally getting the long-delayed 515.1615 release out the door. This was the first release with the new C runtimes and installer, and so far so good on that score.

Of course, the thing I was worried about hasn't been an issue, but instead, because this release was a long time coming a few smaller bugs crept in along with the fixes. In that sense it's like any other big release on a day that ends in -y. But since it's now a day that begins in Fri-, the fixes to any new issues won't come out today. I do plan to get started on them however, which means 515.1615 will not, in fact, be the last beta release of 515.

The other very important thing this week was that the main disbursement finally cleared, which meant I was able to order my new development machine! I posted the final specs as an update on the campaign page, but suffice it to say while I'm not going absolute top of the line (that's way more than I need), I was able to upgrade past a point I thought I could because of those of you who helped. So I thank you for that.

And thanks also to all of the BYOND Members, and other steadfast contributors on Patreon and SubscribeStar who keep the lights on in general. For the rest of you, the fundometer is pretty light this month, which is sadly kind of normal for this time of year, so please ransack those couch cushions. Your support makes all this possible.

October is gonna be a hectic month, but it begins with a bit of waiting for the new machine, followed by the lengthy spin-up process. There's a lot to look forward to and a lot to dread, but I'll keep you all abreast of it as we go. In the meantime, dust off those pumpkin icons because it's time to mak gam.