PSW: Guardians

by Mitz001
PSW is a real-time Pokemon battle sim and features the most up-to-date roster you can play on the platform!
🎮 Game Re-Launch Announcement 🚀

Hey everyone!

I'm thrilled to announce the re-launch of PSW🌟

📅 Launch Date: 12/8/2023
🕒 Launch Time: 5:00PM CST

The game has been recoded and revamped from scratch. The current state on launch will feature over 900+ obtainable species. The rest of the roster will be obtainable via items in future updates.

Gameplay has been kept to the old head-to-head clash. Based on the feedback, I will slowly transition it to have more interactive battles. Lastly, players can check out the new features that I added to the build.

New features have been added:

IV - Splicing
This system allows the player to fuse two Pokemon of the same typing, thus taking the stats of both Pokemons. The resulting stats of the "base" pokemon is based of the min-max of the parents.
EV TP Grind
As you battle wild Pokemons, you will gain training points (TP). TP is used to further upgrade your Pokemon to its max potential. It also comes with a pass/fail mechanic where there is a chance to fail the training which makes it a challenge to max a full team. The TP gains are resonable enough for a casual player to be able to max their mons.

Spawns separated into Biomes
The map is expanded into different biomes, where I hand-picked each spawn based on their typing and habitat.

Water/Lava Spawns
Players can now make their partner pass through these terrains to spawn wilds in their habitat. It adds a nice little aesthetic to the game. Also, levitate ability mons from the original games can also pass through water.

Wild Dynamax Pokemons
This feature gives wild spawns a chance to dynamax and reward players with more experience and loots after defeating one.

Held Items
This will enable the player to customize their aces to further define that Pokemons build. You have a Pokemon that attacks really fast, a slow one that is very tanky or a mix of both.

Ah yes, the self train verb. Though its in the game, active play will still yield more as the afk gains will have diminishing returns eventually.

We have shinies! It's still not fully complete as we are working on the sprites.
But when a player catches one I will update their icons manually if they don't have it yet. They have a nice shining effect over their Pokemon and sparkling trails.

Features to follow after release:
Gym ranks and AI gyms
Players will be able to run their own gym. Gym leaders can set a team of Pokemons for players to battle their AI
counterpart to advance their rank. They will also battle leaders PvP at full power to earn exclusive trainer icons for players to use.

Mega Evolution
Mega stones are held items as well, they will be earned through raid drops that will also be to follow.

Pokemon Follow
One cool feature is to have your ace walking behind your trainer. This is definitely on my list to do.

That's all for now guys, thanks for reading. Spread the word, invite your friends, and let's make this re-launch a fun one! See you in the game!

Happy gaming! 🎉🎮

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