Been revisiting a lot of those games just sitting about in my steam account, one in particular called "Space Pirates and Zombies" (SPAZ for short) really sticks out to me!!

It's a topdown 2D space shooter where you can turn 360, if you think about a really modernized "asteroids" where you can build up your fleet.

You have your mothership in every system that you warp to as shown in the picture!
The basic principle is that humankind has sent warpgates out into space, and after thousands of years these warpgates arrived at different solar systems, slowly linking up all the galaxy...

Now. At some point these warpgates started to get blocked off and guarded by a faction called the "UTA" (Like the space police)
Your job as a pirate fleet is to break through the warpgates to try and reach the centre of the galaxy.

Well. What can I say? At a certain point in the game you find out the UTA aren't the real threat here. I don't want to spoil the game for you, but without revealing too much, I'll tell you that there is a zombie faction that, very much like typical lore zombies, will take ships from your fleet and "zombify" them.

This is a real satisfying game. And I'd highly recomend it to anybody who is stressing out and needs something to ground them. The ambience and the playstyle allow you to *really* mong out as if you'd just smoked two joints or something.

Speaking as a massive zombie nut, if you like zombies, this is for you.

I recently revisited SPAZ 2.

At the time I played it originally, it was unfinished. There was a lot of placeholder dialogue and assets. I was impressed by the work they did to polish the final release.
I'm a die hard zombie fan. I love all the George Romero zombie movies and I love the synths. I watched Day of the dead by Romero last night and was so spooked by all the zombies moaning in chorus.

Theres something ominously spooky about a bunch of dead people wandering around moaning, and the film elaborates how their brain is somewhat intact.

Think about it: Dehumanize a zombie and it's a fate not to be feared anymore, it's like, you die. Whatever, who cares?

But if you're stuck wandering around unable to die, your body slowly rotting and falling apart and an insatiable hunger for warm flesh. Now THAT I find scary.

But yeah I'd like to try SPAZ 2 one day, it's been on my wishlist for years but I've got a lot of other things on my plate right now. My first playthrough of resident evil 1 just started