by Aquavision Games
An immersive sandbox roleplaying game set in a vast and dynamic universe, where players have the freedom to create, customize, and train their own unique characters, shaping their destinies as they explore, conquer, and build a powerful bloodline!
Important Announcement: Regarding Recent Downtime and Discord Transition

We owe you a sincere apology for the unexpected downtime our game experienced over the past few days. We understand the frustration and inconvenience this may have caused, and we deeply regret any disruption to your gaming experience. We did expect for there to be bugs, but with the flux of players we were shown a widespread of other bugs causing a muck of lag.

Another main reason behind the extended downtime was a challenging and elusive bug affecting our save system. This bug, along with several others, required comprehensive troubleshooting and fixing to ensure a smoother and more enjoyable playthrough for everyone. We're thrilled to announce that our dedicated team has successfully resolved these issues, and we'll soon be ready to welcome you back to the game.

In addition to technical challenges, we also encountered an unfortunate fallout with our previous Discord owner, Depressed Skeleton. As a result, we've made the difficult decision to part ways and have established a new Discord community where we can continue to foster a separate chat-like environment for all players.

We understand that transitions like these can be unsettling, but we want to assure you that our commitment to providing an exceptional gaming experience remains unwavering. Our new Discord is open and ready for you to join, reconnect with fellow players, and engage in exciting discussions about the game.

We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience caused during this period of transition. Your patience and understanding mean the world to us, and we're incredibly grateful for your unwavering support.

Thank you for being an integral part of our community. We can't wait to see you back in the game, exploring, battling, and creating memories together.

Warm Regards,