Sigrogana Legend 2

by Devourer Of Souls
Sigrogana Legend 2
Multiplayer RPG set in a unique RP-mandatory fantasy setting.
Event Tools
  • Added a 'scale' option to placeable edit mode. (1 by default, can scale between 0.1 ~ 200. A value of 2 means it is twice as large.)
  • Added a new 'linked object' placeable. (/obj/placeable/linked_obj/ignore_mouse).
    • These objects are invisible but are tied to a secondary placeable which ignores mouse clicks. Changing the icon, or using edit mode, on the linked object will edit the secondary one instead.
    • This allows you to, for example, create overlays such as darkness, etc. without causing objects or tiles underneath of them to become unclickable.
    • When placed in a palette, these objects retain the specifications of the secondary placeable.
    • The secondary placeable is tied to the location of the linked object, so you can move it around via mouse drop or puppet mode just fine.
    • Using the icon state selector will use the icon of the secondary object and change it accordingly.

  • Added 3 new equipment items.
  • New Item Set (Weapon Singer); Cypelle Amulet, Weaponmaster's Glove
Special Strikes
  • Added an animation for when a Special Strike triggers.
  • Trigger Cooldown changed to 2 rounds (from 3).
  • Triggering a Special Strike that still performs the basic attack (such as Thunder Strike) makes that basic attack unpreventable by effects that could negate them, such as Spirit Pain, Shadowscale, etc.
  • Arcanic Pierce; Elemental resistance piercing effect now lasts 3 rounds (from 1 round).
  • Air Explosion; Now also deals 35 armor-ignoring Wind magic bonus damage to the target on hit.
  • Toiken; Gains +2 Range if you have Poise (doubled if you have Perfect Poise), allowing you to move the target area.
  • Promoting a Pawn now restores 50% of its maximum HP first (special heal which ignores Interference).
Player Props
  • Added a new bottle prop which can be spun.
  • Holding Shift will prevent clicks from triggering left-click mouse movement (for example, if you were trying to double click someone to examine them, you could hold Shift to avoid any misclick accidents.)
  • Big Mode and text scaling now also applies to OOC, LOOC, Battle, and System messages in the browser chat box.
  • Black Spirits will no longer increase damage dealt to yourself or units considered allies.
  • Unarmored Torso and Sturdy Body (IE, when you have no torso equipped) now has a base Evade of 15.
- Various forum bug fixes.