Applies to:Dream Maker
Status: Open

Issue hasn't been assigned a status value.
A world var or atom var that enforces the following rendering procedure:

1. Prioritize rendering objects on plane and layer
2. If plane and layer are same prioritize based on position of said object in contents. Objects added to contents last are rendered higher

I am sorry for not being able to track down the particular version the desired behaviour was on, but I believe it was either pre-512 or pre-513. Afterwards objects with same plane and layer are intermittently jumping above/below each other, rather than stay the same. Putting a new object on a tile with multiple other objects does not guarantee it will appear above others.
What map format are you using? In SIDE_MAP, I believe the position of an object in turf.contents does influence the drawing order. But I think it's only a last tiebreaker.
We're using TOPDOWN_MAP, and this inconsistency has been introduced in either 512 or 513.

I didn't think that it's a bug because order-of-appearance is not mentioned in layer/plane documentation, but mentions fixing this for SIDE_MAP, so I think my post should've been a bug report instead.
That's interesting. I think some images of you're encountering would be a great way to show the current behavior, and what the behavior SHOULD be.
In topdown map sorting, icon order always breaks the tie when plane, subplane, and layer are the same.

Turf contents pay attention to the order they're in, and that code is so well-established I don't think it's even possible for that to break.

Some other issue sounds like it's in play.