Astute BYONDers will have noticed I mentioned there would be a new maintenance release out this week. Surprise! There wasn't, and a big part of the reason is the oppressive heat that set in.

Things have still gotten done behind the scenes, though, with most of the grunt work going toward 516 testing. I did however discover a few more issues in 515 that needed correcting, so a new release is in fact imminent. Again.

The annoying medium-term project is now kicking into gear and throwing everything off, so I don't know what the development schedule holds in the weeks ahead. I do know that in between bouts of cursing I'll still be keeping at any maintenance tasks that come my way, and I'm still trying to get some low-key features into 516 as I can while it's still in alpha.

So all in all it's been a weird week, but not without its progress. And I want to thank all of the BYOND Members and regular donors, especially those who went above and beyond in the last few weeks to help pay the bills.

Next week the weather will be less punishing, but the work will not. Keep calm and mak gam!

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