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Naruto: Eternal Memories
Join various worlds in a battle between the evil and the good!
Some suggestions were accepted, and already added in the updated version, some others will be discussed and some others were denied, read my post please. I'll do my best to apply them all in the future (:
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Status: Resolved (v3.20)

This issue has been resolved.
Here are a few changes i'd like to see happen for this game,overall it's good but there needs to be a few tweaks for the balancing system

- Hidan's scythe strike shouldn't be homing. It should act like orochimaru's sword,or it should just be an extending scythe,and if hits,it does what it normally does. Wrath of Jashin should be his only homing.

- Deidara's totem needs an area of effect nerf,or splash damage nerf. It reaches way too far for the damage it does.

- Deidara's other clay justus need buffs,either to cost less chakra,or do more damage.

- Deidara's clay bird shouldn't make him invisible,not sure if this is a bug or not

- Shikamaru would be a considerable character in the game.

- Kabuto would be a cool addition to the game as well.

- Shin's bug swarm needs fixing. Sometimes the swarm can barely move,and does not have much control. If you are 1 tile away from the person you bug swarmed,the swarm will attack shino as well.

- Gai shouldn't be invicible while he has gates,or his health needs to deplete whether he is attacking someone or not,or it needs to act like lee's. Sometimes gai's gate bugs,and he can't be attacked,and so gai can stall the match by just standing there the whole game.

- Tayuya's "warriors" should act like kiba's akamaru to resist the super temptation of spamming,although if you had hopes for tayuya to do this,you can keep her how she is.

- Sai's snake need to actually tangle people up,or you should just remove it and keep the lion. You can literally jump right out once the snake hits you.

- Naruto's rasenshuriken should have a damage nerf A LITTLE BIT, or have A SLIGHT CHARGING TIME, it does a lot of damage.

- Kiba's Akamaru AI needs some tweaks,it seems to work half of the time,and he lands 90% of his hits,make him hit a little bit slower.

- Kimmiaro's swarabi(Whatever it's called) Should spread slowly on his left and right,so bones will start rising on both his left and right,making this a slightly ranged move. He has 2 charging justus,so it's hard to get a hit with him.

- Auto-team balancer needs to be inserted. This is a major necessity for this game. If more than 2 people are on one team,the game shouldn't allow u to join their team, it will ask you to go on the other team with less players.

- Since akatsuki has sound 5,it would be pretty cool if leaf got the 3 kages

Mei Terumi: You can set her chakra to extreme or super high,taijustu to average or high,set her speed to average and stamina to super high (Basically almost like naruto) Her justus can be a boil smokescreen so if an opponent goes in it,it depletes their hp. Also a lava attack of some kind. Also a water attack of some kind as well,maybe just a regular projectile water missle of some sort.

A: Can be the equivalent of jirobo with strength being extreme chakra average or high. Speed high or average and stamina super high. One justu can be the lariat,where he just charges the opponent. He should be able to charge up to his lightning armor like curse mark and be able to perform the liger bomb,you need to be close to your opponent and it will act like the lotus,but do more damage. Also he can do Lightning oppression,which is like chidori stream,but it hits more than once,so it kinda stuns the opponent.

Onoki: Extreme chakra,low/super low taijustu,average speed, high stamina. One justu can be him forming his dust release three-dimensional cube,very slowly,like sakon's rashoman. If you are standing where the three-dimensional cube is forming,you will keep getting hit until it disapears,if you are hit by the whole thing it will do 50-75% damage,but take all his chakra. Another justu is just to chuck a piece of earth at them,like jirobo does. He should also be able to fly and have Earth Smash.

1.- I sadly don't have icons for this, but it's been nerfed.
2.- I will think about it, for now I've added 20 seconds delay.
3.- Accepted, on v3.20 they do more damage (:
4.- It's a bug, please tell me how does this happen through send comment.
5.- I'll try to add it in the future if I get a decent spritesheet.
6.- He was once added, well, Kabutomaru. I wonder what to do with Kabuto, so I'll think about it and discuss with some players about it's addition.
7.- I wonder how does the low movement bug happens, but I'll try to fix it, I'll also fix the fact he also damages you (:
8.- This is true, I already added a delay til Choji leaves his boulder mode if he doesn't do anything, so this'll be probably added in next version.
9.- I like the way the warriors attack, I want to keep them as they are now, Tayuya barely does damage through her few skills.
10.- I've made it 2x times faster on v3.20, I hope this helps.
11.- It isn't strong at all, but I'll try to do something so it doesn't charge the attack so fast.
12.- I'll think about this, I think the current one is nice.
13.- I don't get this :/
14.- Added on v3.20, thanks for teh suggestion <3
15.- Leaf has all the Kages but the 1st Hokage, and that's because it's spritesheet is ugly.

Thanks for the suggestions (:
Eternal_Memories resolved issue with message:
Some suggestions were accepted, and already added in the updated version, some others will be discussed and some others were denied, read my post please. I'll do my best to apply them all in the future (:
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Eternal_Memories wrote:

4.- It's a bug, please tell me how does this happen through send comment.

I'm not sure myself of how it happens. I'm pretty sure if you are flying with deidara,other people view you as invisible,he is not completely invisible,his icon keeps flickering from time to time. It's odd,you should ask other people about it.

13.- I don't get this :/

Okay,when kimimaro does his swarabi no mai. Instead of the bones automatically hitting whoever is near him,bones will start rising slowly on his sides. I'll try to do an example?

When kimi does it,the bones,which are the arrows in the diagram spread outwards from his sides. They rise a little bit slow,and requires bit of a charging time but he can move while the bones are still rising so this makes it a useful skill.

(Arrows represent the bones)

<----------- Kimi ----------->

Thanks for the suggestions (:


hmmmmm what's about gaara? He got the sand protect himself so why not give him a sand shield when hit by some fire balls or sharks that will reduce damage done? Here's the sprite if u want :
Adding the Suna no Tate skill to gaara would require some of his skills to be nerfed a bit, since his ultimate defense would make him unbeatable. That would need eternal's consent, I don't want to make such a drastic change without even discussing, but it is not a bad idea.

Activating the skill would make the shield rise when an incoming attack happens, but that would drain chakra for each time the shield activates. That could be a way to make it fair.
Yes that will be great! BTW unlock the chars for me roflmao!