Naruto: Eternal Memories

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Naruto: Eternal Memories
Join various worlds in a battle between the evil and the good!
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1. I'm sorry to say,Hidan still does way too much damage for a homing attack. If you want to keep Hidan the way he is,i suggest reading suggestion 2

2. Hiruzen's enma should be able to act just like Hidan's wrath of jashin,or pein's paths. At some moments it seems to be spammable, but then the move stops working in it's entirity after a while. It might be because if you try using enma when you have no chakra for it,it stops working. I think this might be the case.

3. Hiruzen's trap should be buffed,either in damage,or stun time. It seems it only traps people for the full animation if they are in the air,i don't know if this is a bug or not too. If his enma isn't buffed his trap definitely needs to be buffed.

4. Oro's snake bite should be a bit longer instead of being 1 or 2 tiles.

5. Only one NPC should be able to spawn for 1 character. In megaman's server there were at least 10 clones of each NPC,and it was a really annoying hassle to deal with.

That's it,v 3.20 did wonders
1.- How should it be nerfed? Through damage reduction, higher cooldown?
2.- Hmm, I agree, I'll try to edit it and make it like Hidan's Wrath of Jashin in the next update.
3.- I honestly think it's already very strong, it gets all the enemies in view stunned, which is pretty useful. And well, if you mean a small bug which allows people to be unfroze even though they were caught, it'll take longer to fix. If they were already using a jutsu before / frozen, it auto-unfreezes them, and forces the trap to be useless, even if it hasn't disappeard.
4.- I honestly doubt it needs this change, so denied for now~ we'll discuss this in another suggestion thread. xD
5.- What do you mean? The NPCs are only spawned by me, if they are spammed it's because of the hoster, which has nothing to do with me xD

Thanks <3
If we are going to keep the old system, We need some modifications to the characters. Here are some of my ideas.

Danzou's Wind Shield shouldn't be spammable. What it should do is stay on when you use it, and it either boosts DEF or blocks projectiles. I.E. Phoenix Flower, Fire ball jutsu.

Pein's paths shouldn't be spammable like it is. Add like a 3 second? C/D in between them.

Sasuke's Kirin, I don't have to say anything about that. You already know how to fix it. :D

Hidan's Scythe Strike should be replaced with the black rod he has. The black rod enables Hidan to be able to use Wrath Of Jashin. If you don't like this just, I also suggest it be changed into a 6 hit combo.

Deidara's Totem needs an AoE or Damage nerf.