by Asha_LaPoe
A Completely Original Fantasy RPG
Version 0.311

*We've added a Programmer to the team! Check out what Megablaze has done..

- Backpack Grid with backpack button and "B" shortcut to open and close it.
- Overflow bag added.
- Enemies no longer pause when they should be attacking/chasing.
- Enemy no longer steps away before chasing you when you start hitting them.
- Repeated clicks to a breakable object no longer retrieves extra money.
- Players no longer get two kills by using a skill like triple shot right before enemy dies.
- Shadow now appears over spells during cooldown.
- Loot window was closing when single looting.
- Cloth coloring fixed.
- Buying cloth equipment was giving the wrong price (Didn't convert gold).
- Players can no longer eat and drink at the same time.
- Diagonal walking and diagonal auto walk are now available by holding two keys down.
- Eat/drink items based on grid order, it also now skips over items that are too high level.

Version 0.32

- NEW resizable screen ability and larger map view!
- NEW Spell book and "K" shortcut to open and close it.
- Game saves more frequently.
- Players now turn to face their targets.
- Fixed issue that was deleting player's body.
- Number of kills needed to level is now smaller.
- Gate Spell now level 1 to help anyone stuck in a black void!
- Potion button added that uses first potion in grid order. Also skips over items that are too high a level.

Version 0.33

- Fixed bug halting movement. (If it happens again try reloging, else report bug.)
- Added bug report verb under Help menu.

*** NEW Barbers! Human barber found at the Inn, Troll barber found in the Pub.

- New Conversion spell
- New Blind spell
- "L" key now opens quest log.
- Fixed Elf City Tree issues including making player naked as they climb the tree.
- Added Thin Walls! Now fences, railings, and cliff areas are more accessible.
- Fixed some hair overlay bugs.
- Reviving restores to 1/4 health as it should.
- Fixed bug with ranged mobs and walls.
- Fixed runtime errors with dragging items in inventory.
- Fixed Bunch of guild issues and the wall of text runtime errors it gave.
- Fixed some quest issues, with runtime errors.
- Fixed Loot issue, with runtime errors.
- Solved tiny AI issue which had a rare chance to cause runtime error.
- Groups remade, removed runtime errors, added different group exp.
- Fixed follow command.
- Fixed layer issues with weapons, horns and level display on HUD.
- Ice Trap fixed so that it's removed upon damage
- Small bag adjustments to avoid possible glitches
- Multitasking farming and casting no longer occurs without timer.
- Edited Divine Protection spell to compensate for spell level.
- Mana rate and mana regeneration altered.
- Exp rate altered.

[Quick Fix]
Version 0.334

- Couldn't use any skills while auto attacking.
- Some quest loot wasn't being placed in enemy loot.
- Precision wand was invisible
- Dragging items that had more than 1 stacked together would not drag

In response to Asha_LaPoe
Version 0.335 - 0.34

* New Fishing Game System - Makes use of Lakes as well as Ocean.
See Fishing Guide Sold at General Store for more details.

- New Grass worldwide. Took a lot of doing so I hope it looks nice.
- Players can now stack up to 99, afterwards it creates a new object to start stacking.
- Armor is now damaged properly as you attack or are hit, or die.
- Invisibility Spell fixed.
- Backstab Spell fixed.
- Enemies 5 levels under a players only chase if they linger for 7 seconds.
- Fixed Issue if you tried to sell a stackable Item and hit cancel.
- Hats no longer show on mob in save list or on paper doll.
- Enemies no longer bump heads to get stuck while walking home.

- Several more fixed bugs that can be found in the Bug Reports Forum.
Version 0.35

- Replaced some missing Nighttime and rain turfs.
- Made Fishing a little more forgiving.
- Announce players as they log in and out.
- Made OOC the default chat.
- Contracting an ailment you already have will no longer reset the timer.
- Loading will relocate players if map changes trap them in dense walls.
- Quests no longer display their level if they do not use it in calculating the exp rewarded.
- Item dragging only shows items being dragged when they're in your bag.
- Spell cooldown now waits the proper cooldown time.
- Mobs now give only the required number of quest items.
- Color/shadow change in number stacking graphic.
- Hovering over spells will show desc in spell book, and other information in stat panel.
- Hovering over items fills whole stat panel, except for equipped items and buffs.
- Spell cooldown after relog will now show a shadow upon reconnecting.
- You can now open doors by walking into them.
- SUPERAGGRESSIVE tag for bosses that attack any target regardless of level.
- Group members have a blue cursor over their head to easily distinguish them.
- When a quest is complete, the quest giver gets a blue ! overhead.
- Some Quests will now be repeatable.
- Some Quests will now grant experience regardless of player level.

- Jack-o-Lanterns, candy, blood, Flying Broomsticks and much more!
- Capture Lost Souls and trade them for rare armor, weapons and mounts.
- Battle the Headless Horseman and conquer the quest to capture his Nightmarish steed!
- Zombie Event! Everland's first seasonal Event has waves of Zombies attacking in Hordes!
Every Wednesday, Saturday, and Sunday on the hour, players enter a new map zone and fight off swarms of zombies.
The longer you live and the more you kill, the greater the prizes!

In response to Asha_LaPoe
Version 0.3505

- Fixed potions.
- Fixed Poison resistance button.
- Fixed Blood red robe.
- Updated dungeon x,y coordinates in Help/Guide
- Overweight message now only shows during movement.
- Quests 4 or more levels below you now still give 20% exp.
- Items marked 'Quested' cannot be traded, but Rare items can.
- Hint: Items from the Traveling Doctor are Rare and so can be traded.