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SuperAntx please host server on.Decadence.
Toss me a page so I can return it. May have some information to work with about the PvP server.
Sorry to post this here, but could the download link for Decadence please be updated? Nobody can host, the link seems to be broken. Hope I didn't buy a subscription for nothing.
This game was super cool. Atfirst i didnt like it cause it had lag. But when that lag went away. I found out this game was super cool. And I was bumbed out when you didnt host anymore. So please. Cmeback hosting this game
I was told by someone we graduated from the same highschool. I don't know who you are, but this person insisted I check out your game and know that you and I both graduated from that same joke of a highschool. I'm sure it's not true.
In response to CD4Bro
I went to five different schools during my high school career so something like that is entirely possible.
y u no add me on skype? its zancrouw.. i dont use msn no mo'
Yo, please post Hostfiles for Decadence somewhere. ME and a bunch of people would love to play the game again,if you could contact me on skype @ FlyGod_Tai please and thank you.
Praise the sun!
Hey man, I was only a kid when I used BYOND (10+ years wow!) but you are the one user who influenced my life the most. Back when this site wasnt total shit and blogposts were cool and everyone had their own unique memes you made a post that changed my life. I cant remember what it was about but you linked redtube and some other porn sites and that was my first exposure to porn

thank u ant
hey ant, whatever happened to your old Icon Trading game?