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hey I was wondering if I could get a copy of that DBTC....I feel like I was the only guy who played it even by myself. I think the game itself is awesome and I would love for it to come back. Also you can have it on byond just not have them put it in the main database of games here. I still play dragon ball generations with 70+ other people and its not on the main list of games here.
I was also wondering if i could also get a copy of DBTC.It was awsome before it went down and i couldn't find it on the hub or google search.
We need copies of DBTC, please send them to us
can i have a copy DBTC hosting so i can play it
can i also get the dbtc files?
Can I get DBTC files too?
What is the DBTC files?
I am a big fan of DBTC may i ask why did you take it offline and also may i please have a copy of the files ????? please and ty/
I was wondering, since you took the game down and all thats left now are people who manage to find the host files...if you would be willing to upload the source?

My reason being is, I am an iconer. My main goal for having the source is, I would like to take the game and give it a graphics overhaul. Sort of a tribute to the game. It will be the same old game everyone enjoyed, but as a thank you, it will have all the graphics updated, base character icon, clothing, villains, npcs, buildings, everything updated. I have alot of free time and always wanted to see DBTC with a more updated look. So if this would work then contact me please, and of course, credit will still remain towards SSGX
How to defeat frieza x?? Host files guys...this game is not forever lost.
( RPforfun: byond:// ) )
( RPforfun: It's hosted by me so expect it to go down at times, or well for 2-4 hours a day. And random change of link address. )

My good pal is hosting it with that one warning to it^ I will post the link when its up this if you want to join(this is the current link and its up right now)
I go host DBTC IN 10:30 at 22:00 go go go go byond://
@JasonKendrick Looool, good try my man. Good try.
Plss host you DBCT and make a guide and stuff
I use to play DBTC all da time. Fun game. By the way, did you also make the Hurricane Game from back in the day? Had like, same base code as MM and it was fun as shit!
Hurricane Game? Nope, not me.

However, I can assure you that this Hurricane Game that you remember did not have the same base as MM, because MM is my own original programming. It did not start from some "base", and I've never given it out to anyone to use it to make another game off of.
hey...busy atm?
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