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Sorry for posting this in a dumb place, I lack a membership to page you, feel free to delete it after.

I was curious if you have a direct link to the BYOND Podcast 2? Hidden posts aren't viewable with the new forum system, not sure if you're able to view yours either. I was wanting to listen to it, I never heard it when it was initially posted.
I would coordinate a massive game project with you if you wish. Put you on my pager. Possibly the most original rpg we ever came across, but dont think for a moment that even the planning stage will be easy if you accept.
How much do you make monthly with NEStalgia :)
Congratulation on the Greenlight.
Hey you still around? I had legacy access? I guess cause I still had a character from awhile ago when I use to play. So I deleted him to make a new one and I cant get anything now. Help me out [email protected] Thanks!