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add my friend byond
waiting for ya game dude xD
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Scyrus123 wrote:
waiting for ya game dude xD

Yay :D
lolololol cant wait for SAO, i registered on your forum and waiting for a email for beta test xD
Glad u making a english one i was mad that their was a spanish one but not english
:D Thanks!
hey bro when can we get back on your server again?
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Soon. I'm fixing up the lag so you guys can have a lot of fun!
Finally a SAO game on byond. Huge anime fan of that one here. :) Thanks for making it
Thanks for commenting!
By chance could I get your Skype if you have one? ^^
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Yus! No problem

Whats with the game, why aint it up?
Any Idea when SAO will be up an running.
So want to play it evan if it's incomplete :)
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When I'm done.
Woah, games!
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What is this sorcery?!!?!
Since when did I become a punk?
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Ever since ye stepped into this parta' town, partna'!