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ZeLegend Kaguya OOC: TrutH stfu cuzz i code , icon
ZeLegend Kaguya OOC: i cant even icon o.0
hi :D
hi i am jrock109 but i use the name ace if u will can i be a gm for ur game rise of the akatsuki i will do anythink with out ur ok but is i think it is reasonable i will do and and tell if if its ok that i did
if u will plz get back to me on this
hebron i need to talk to u when u get on
Can you host a game for Ryanbower
What's good man...MDC and I are working on a project that's making good progress,I was wondering if your willing to give us hand I don't expect much tho my Skype name is jeffrey.redding2 I'm the pixel artist hmm if interested.
Fan it beta coming out Today or Tommarow!