by Dramstud
Based on a classic German board game
  • Depth / Complexity
    Each decision you make will affect you for the rest of the game. The whole game revolves around the collection of resources, and if you use your resources on one project, you probably will not have enough resources for another. So you have to make your choice and live with it: Do you build a town here so that you can get the resources that you're going to need, or do you build a road to cut the other guy off before he blocks your progress?
  • Interface
    The whole interface for the game is pretty straightforward in that the game highlights which areas you can click on, and then you click on one of them. Simple and effective.
  • Single-player Fun
    The AI in this game ranges from challenging to difficult. If you're playing for the first time, you'll probably lose against an easy AI. It'll take you a little while to master what's going on before you have a chance at beating them, and once you have, the difficult AI is still pretty darn tough. The AI for Settlers is excellent.
  • Originality
    Settlers is based on the German board game 'Settlers of Catan'. Originality really isn't a factor here.
  • Atmosphere
    Personally I like the tiles used in Settlers more than the original tiles used in the 'Settlers of Catan' board game. The graphics in this game are simple and straightforward - nothing fancy, just effective, which is fitting for a board game.

#1) You want "affect", not "effect", in the first paragraph.

#2) Keywords are separated by spaces on BYOND Members, so you should use the keywords "dramstud settlers settlersofcatan".
Picky picky :P
I'm the one person on the planet who never had fun with the original board game...though I have enjoyed the 2-player card game, and the 2-player Starship Catan spinoff...
The default 4.0 browser options don't appear to gel with Settler's help files. Fortunately, they are downloaded with the game though so people won't have to worry about some server deciding not to tell people how to play.

Anywho, I like the review. I much prefer words over an abstract rating.
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