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why did you ban me for no reason?
all i tried to do was get him to leave me alone after i asked him twice to leave me alone but he didn't! sorry for the spam but he should have respected me requests for him to leave me alone
I was afk but i wasnt afk training thats differents i am allowed to be afk! just not to afk train!
Unban me D':
Well, IF the GMs caught you, it's because you were....And why are you posting that to me XD I'm no GM
I wasnt training i was eating the check caught me afk doesnt mean i was training :'(
.:Ascension:.{GM}Kori OOC: Tell her that I said in the future, if she wants to avoid a ban she will abide by the rules.
I didn't avoid i am telling the truth i swear on my fathers grave :(
I promise you :(
Well, I can't do shit for bans, Like I said, I'm not a GM. So, Yeah.
Why should i ever stop cutting and hurting myself if i take the bullit for stuf i don't do
The Orgy Chamber{GM}(Vaizard Leader)John Doe OOC: >2012
The Orgy Chamber{GM}(Vaizard Leader)John Doe OOC: >still cutting yourself
Sighs i should have known it...
I really didnt v.v
You know, The GMs might be troll, But they don'T bullshit about catching people AFK training, IF they say they caught you, it's because they did.
I realy didnt afk train i swear
I dont remmember setting the macro on at all so how i afk train :"(
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