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Can you send me the host files to DB onsloaght
Bring the game up. and fix your download button it gives and Error Unzip failed. everytime
i tryed downloading DB onslaght and i can unzip it the download is corruted
Fix the download plz
Send me the host ffiles [email protected]
want moar onslaught
I can't get in to the game
Host or give us a non corrupted hosting files, please.
you got my hopes high!!!! where is onslaught!!!
i miss this game :(
I have the files of the game. Can anyone work on them and make the game playable again ?
In response to Doodlehead
can i help, i talk english and spanish, i just wanna play again
cmon let me play it!
Hey Mr.Destruction, I've got a team of coders, iconners, mappers and storyboard artists that are willing to work on DBZ Onslaught, and make some new updates to it as well.

Please get in touch with me if you receive this message. We're eager to bring this game back to the BYOND community!

We need to get this game revived again!
Does anyone know this man in real life, we want this game up
Hey Mr.Destruction. Can you get in contact with me on discord Cxd1k#4918 regarding the revival of Dragonball Z Onslaught.