Wish Maker

by SuperAntx
Wish Maker
Will you grant a wish?
I was backing up some data and just thought I'd make a small update to this before archiving it. Wish Maker was my 2011 Game In A Day entry, it used an interpretation of the zodiac theme.

I originally made the game in about three hours and if you add in the time spent updating it I'm still well under the time limit. Not that any of that matters since the contest will never be concluded.
What about Decadence
My PC has its case open and is literally being cooled by one of these things. It's in no condition to be used for game making as it shuts down randomly and could blow up at any minute. When I get a new computer I might be able to push an update.
So no more decadence
:( ... yet to try decadence, hmmmm.. :/ hopefully you get a new comp soon that's able to handle everything you need it for
Actually I build a computer about a month or two ago. It kinda destroyed my art budget but there's not much else I could have done. I'm also working on a different game at the moment.

I would very much like to update Decadence, but without a way to change the canvas size of its icons most of my time would be spent doing tedious grunt work. If that feature was added I could probably push out a major content update for Decadence in under a month.