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I can buy shell for your game if you like :)
rave pls open youre bleach game agin its like shinzui and thats down ):
The game keeps poping up then disappearing
Hey, I was wondering if you still had bleach shinzui. I played the game WAY back in the day and I was wondering if oyu would consider sharing the source. I intend to host and let it live on. email me at [email protected] Much appreciated
Hey Raven-BloodX I'm reaching out to you on a whim that I'm pretty sure you'll not respond, but, I'd love to get the source code to Bleach Shinzui. I know it's a long shot in the dark but I've been in love with that game, and have been trying to find the game again, and it seems the trail stops dead with both you and Cthulh and ArrancarAdrian and Albro1. So I'm atleast giving a shot in the dark to see if one of you could potentially give me the source/host files. Thank you and have a good day my man