I've noticed a lot of people using DM for things far removed from the game-development aspect. I've seen everything from using it as a host for other systems(and even an attempt at an VCS!) to small code-generators and personal language parsers in my time here.

I personally use DM to graphically show my ideas and to prototype my Python projects..

My question to you is what do you use the software for?

E.C., Can you think of any ways DM could be useful that it hasn't yet been used for..?
It could be used to set up a hosting website easily but for that you need a large server.
It can be used to do simple math, creating calculators, convertors, randomization, creating lists of things...
Mostly for prototyping, as you said.
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Super Saiyan X wrote:

What do you mean by convectors? Convex function calculators/graphing, or something else..?
That was my browser assuming that I spelled "convertor" wrong.
I know it's spelled "converter", but eh, I LIKE TO CUSTOMIZE MY WORDS. I right-clicked and clicked 'convector' thinking it said 'convertor.'