Proelium II

by Silk Games
Proelium II
Class-based action mayhem -- battle for the future!
Graphic Rating: 8/10
Compared to Proelium, the graphics look a lot better! There still may be no movement animations, but that's alright! Your character changes his looks sometimes when you switch threw commands, the scenery on the most part is nice to look at(Although some stages are not a bit as good as others). The real thing that gives the graphics rating in this game a boost is the interface. It's not little windows anymore, but is even more easier to use and makes the game flow perfectly.

Sound/Music Rating: N/A
Sadly, like it's original game, there is no sound or music. So I'll just count this not applicable sound/music rating as a 5.

Game play Rating: 8/10
If you've played Proelium, playing Proelium II is not a huge difference, but it's tweaking the entire game making it a lot more fun to play. The classes aren't medieval but futuristic, and some of the concepts remind me a lot of Team Fortress II. Adding to the 8 very fun and unique classes that there are for everyone to play. The ones that stood out for me the most were "Reanimator", Volt Master and Assassin. The "Reanimator" is somewhat like your druid in the previous version, except he can hold more "pets". The Volt master can shoot electricity from his body which is very cool and very fun to do(waves, explosions and normal projectiles). And like TF2, the assassin can turn into someone on the other team, and back stab them when they're not paying attention! There are also an additional 4 classes you must subscribe to get. These are the Hacker, Sniper, Scout Bot and Zee warrior.

Multiplayer Rating: 9.5/10
The game types are the same as the original, just doesn't have invasion. There is War(Kill till your team reaches the score to win), Point(Capture different areas to get points for your team) and Orb(Each team has 2 orbs, capture both orbs to gain 10 points, you need 30 points to win the game). There are 6 maps and the ability to make your own custom maps with tenkuu's map editor that works for Proelium 1&2. Having 12 classes in total, makes the game very fun to play, and learn which one you're best with!

Fun over time Rating: 7/10
I don't really play many BYOND games, but when this game first came out I was addicted to it! It's a really fun game if you get loads of people playing, although I see Proelium's original game hosted more than this sequel. If there were one thing I'd like to see to make the multiplayer a lot more fun, would be rankings and maybe some sort of reward system to make the lasting appeal of the game a lot longer.

Overall Rating: 8/10
The sequel to Proelium I find a lot better, it may have gotten rid of somethings like the 4th attack, etc. But the game overall I find really great! It could use some sounds, music, and maybe a ranking or unlockables of some sort to make it more fun over time, but it still is a great deal of fun with 6 maps, a custom map editor, 12 classes, etc. Anyone that hasn't checked this game out yet, I suggest you go and try it out!
Great review, I think you represented both the strengths and flaws of the game quite well! Of course I'm a member of the Silkgames staff, so I'm pretty biased :P

But in light of this I'll try to host the game on my somewhat sub-par server more often.
All of the cool stuff in the game is only for donators.
Rugg wrote:
All of the cool stuff in the game is only for donators.

How do you figure? One of the biggest selling points of the game is that it's enjoyable and balanced for subscription and non-subscription players alike. A lot of thought and effort has gone into making subscriptions worthwhile to anyone willing to purchase them, while still providing a fun and free game for everyone to enjoy.

2/3rds of the game classes are available to non subscribers and are balanced versus the 4 subscription classes. I know quite a few players that have found that the most powerful and enjoyable classes in the game lie within the 8 non-subscription classes.

And the map builder is awesome (kudos to tenkuu) but there are still more than enough pre-set maps for people to use for free. So I doubt that having this feature as subscription only really hurts the integrity of the game.