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I would like to ask why the game is not much time online

Bleach WWA by Critical172
Yow, why WWA down?
when open bleach wwa?
Gimme my ep now
I want my event points NOW :l
Nice zargoss NICE
Cant wait till its up ^_^
Age of Magic seems interesting Cant wait till it goes up. I was wondering if You could Change the in gmae names of Dragon Slayers from Dragon Masters to Dragon Demolishers or somethign similar as Master really isnt similar to slayer but Demolisher or killer is but if you feel its fine as it is then its ok too. really cant wait for it to be up.
is BLS up and playable or what?
Yo dude I'll do the paid pixel art for you and stuff, I know we didn't exactly have the best encounter the last time however I am in need of money this time and I'll get the job done ASAP for you
You need to create a Rp server of Fairy tail some day,I love this game.

:D Just a fan.
In response to Tsunpanda
haha, maybe one day
Hello Zagros, I am able to do hollow icons within reason, I will need a copy of the base template for the characters so I can see how many animations at least you'll need, contact me if you wish to know more.
Sup zag, i played bleach wwa for a long time and i liked it so much. Ok, im making a Hunter X Hunter WWA tribute game, i "learnt" to code basicaly to do this game and i stole bleachs skin interface XD. Im alone working and am making progress, you already can walk and see your stats hahaha(I started it 8th december). Hope this game make success, ok first i hope it get finished, but so far so good(except for that killuas yoyo that doesnt want to back to its owner :/ )
Hey zargos i love bleac WWa but theirs a new Gm named matias who is very corrupt. I didn't know ip ban was broken and he claimed i ban avoided. He banned me for life for disrespecting him saying fuck you to him. He is very hot tempered i tried defusing the situation 2day but he did something really sneaky. He went on my file and wrote g2g to make ppl think i logged off but he really Id banned me. I didn't disrespect him at all today. I just asked when would my alt be unban to which he replied never. I then said your being every corrupt. And thats when i got connection fail and i cant play no more. I dont think its fair he banned me for life. The other Gms are wonderful but it seems matias wants ppl to suck up to him.
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