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Nice link :), knowing that to be an old link i went and reviewed the links, and i made another page which displays the links which are now inactive. and a few i managed to find new links for.

My Revised Art Society link is one of the best places on the web for free resources.
Good place to go if you are looking up audio loops and such for a game... a majority of the audio creators would jump at the chance to have their music featured in a game as long as you ask permission first... and dont forget to credit them ^_^
What most pixel artists need are decent tutorials that explain things both simply yet effectively, as one of the pixel artists I know for a full blown fact it is hard to find a good tutorial to teach me things like how to effectively use AA (Most tutorials elongate it and it becomes hard to remember) as well as creating a not so color skipped palette. With regards to this comment I would be hoping to get a reply with a good tutorial. xD

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Good simple 16x16 sprite tutorial: 16x16-pixel-art-tutorial

lol that's REALLY simple xD
Why has noone posted a link to the free sound project?

A bunch of games use freesound for virtually every sound in their game, as it has... virtually everything.

(edit: I assumed this was a joint art and sound thread, but I guess I interpreted the thread title wrong. go ahead and delete this if you see fit.)
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Because this is a thread for art, not sound! Quality Audio Resources thread.
I found these tutorial to be very informative for doing artwork, sound, and lots of other things:
I found this amazing website which i will be using the tutorials from to learn how to draw pixel art, and i thought others might want to check it out.
Huge list of free 2D/3D graphics and sound tools. Just ignore the game maker sections... viewtopic.php?f=10&t=3687
Flick thats so useful thanx
Those consecutive 1 year bumps tho.
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Those consecutive 1 year bumps tho.

This one is for all those people consecutively bumpin this thread tho:

Another one. Another one. Another one.

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And one more ;) Some free sprite and terrain graphics for platformers.