Final Fantasy Legacy

by Loud
Final Fantasy Legacy
The official version, it's a fangame based off "Final Fantasy 2" for SNES.
Damn.....I want to play this game again so bad
I would pay to play this again..

Could there be a way to get the game back on?
hate to say this, but you should give up people. i know you guys may miss this game and i do too. but look at the facts, due to sqaurenix's idiotic copyright bitching, this game wont come back. it may be sad, but it's the cold hard truth.
Hi folks! I was recently just playing FF4 on my emulator and it sparked old memories of FFLegacy.
At one time (many many many many moons ago) I was one of the many people that worked on this game after Loud left it. I still have my old backup files dating back to July '06. I'll try to get this back online, however I see that there are issues with blatant copyright infringement. It could be possible to narrowly dodge this by tweaking icons, names, etc.

I'm transfering old files on to my new laptop now, granted all my files aren't corrupt I may be up for this, so don't give up hope yet!
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Hows the tweaking of filles going then Justin? Did you ever get round to doing it?
i need to play this please get it up
Definatly need to get it back up and running some sort atleast!
Up The Game Agaaaaaiiinnnnn Plsssss :C
oh man, this was the game that I always played back when I played Byond all the time! it was really the best!
will this game ever be put back up on the website i really miss it. It has been years and years :(
I saw on Reddit that this game may actually be up again and I think there's a discord? Would mean a lot to me and my friends if this game was made available again!
i wish it was back on
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Super RPG is basically FFL
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