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hey can u help me code a pokemon ghame
Can i be on your game?
i want to apply for admin.
i play pokemon trainer chalenge and i was wondering can i be a GM i have a very high lvl charazard and im on like 24/7 i have no life lol so if i was a GM i would be a very good host thanx
On your game, I would like to be a Gym leader. I have excellent tactical style and keep my pokemon balanced I also use a variety of pokemon in my team. I like to train and Im on a lot so I could be a tenaciously active Gym leader. Thank you.
On Pokemon Trainers challenge, I would like to propose the making of me a host and GM. I can host because my computer is on 24/7 and I use a highspeed Internet. I would qualifye as a Gm due to my honesty and fair play, if you would like proof ask Magma Wave about it and he should vouch for me(tarkin) please let me know via pager or Email([email protected]) hope to hear from you soon
Can i please become a gymleader it is my dream and that of my Pokemon.
Im going to become a good one i promise.
Hi Xyphon i was just wandering if i maybe could be an galactic grunt :3 pliz
help me plizzzzzzz, someone used a glitch on me and i lost a phione lv 1 and lv 12 and a raichu lv 50 that someone gave me. pliz help
dont worry xyphon, i was able to get them back :3
i will bann you from my pokemon game unless you script! and un bann me!
dude we need to talk yus is being a big jerk he says im not doing my gym leader duties which is a big lie i have been taking challenges and he wont stop pking me either he may do it every now and then but he still does it man please do something man please
dude why dont you get on you game as much as you use to
When is the game going to be back online?! Oh btw i am bugged on the game can you fix it?
put pokemon trainers challenge back on plz i love that game
yo can u give me ta hostin file it wont be 24/7 but better then nothing
I can host 24/7 if you want for Pokemon Trainers Challenge.
IchigoIceCream wrote:
I can host 24/7 if you want for Pokemon Trainers Challenge.

Sorry it's been so long. Yeah, as long as I am at boarding school I can not host. Add me at [email protected] to telll me details.
hey man whats up its been forever
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