by LostRealm
Get rid of the Mafia before the Mafia gets rid of you.
server up
My server is up, and will be up whenever I am online.
I was given host powers then it was given to someone else now I am banned
can I be unbanned becuz I was banned becuz I killed someone when I wasd mafia
can we please drop the 3 people 2 play cause no 1 ever turns up n thats anoyin =(
can 3 players please play XXX
Can Linkman unban me from his server?

Killerkid404 banned me when she was mad at me one day for getting her banned in another game.
I was IPbanned on linkmans server for no reason literally is it possible to be unbanned :s
Hosting my server of Mafia, ban list will be cleared as frequently as possible, and hopefully it will be up for at least a week.
My server is up, and will be up forever.

I welcome anybody that was banned on Linkman's server.
Ignore that last comment, Byond caught me slipping.
Can Someone Clear Ban List T_T
Is Linkman ever going to clear his ban-list? I got banned for shits and giggles a while back, and Linkman never cleared the list.
Decent could be revamped.
Quick question, does anyone know what music is used in this game (Especially the one used on "The Concert" stage)? There doesn't seem to be a song list and I really want to know.
In response to 500man
Concert music is Metallica's Sad But True
Lab is from Quest for Glory IV
Cemetery music is a Chopin nocturne
Death Star and Cantina music is apparent
Hell's music is from Mortal Kombat
I may be wrong about the following:
Cathedral - Some Castlevania Game
Prison - Some Monkey Island Game
I think that's it.
Hey everyone, I am new to this game and I haven't even played cause the only server up is giving problems, if anyone can host a session (since my computer doesn't let me host one) I would be so grateful :)
We need a new version of this great game
if anyone wants join my server i okay with that
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