Bleach Eternity

by Falacy
Bleach Eternity
MMORPG Styled Game, Loosely Based on Bleach.
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Hit Counter Started: 03/18/08
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awesome game ;d
puta que tardan en abrir el juego
Edwar-Elric wrote:
puta que tardan en abrir el juego

Falacy wrote:
Edwar-Elric wrote:
puta que tardan en abrir el juego


he said whats taking the game so long bitch
Lmao Well thats a nice way to ask..
Nice game, VERY good graphics (For a low pixled Byond game), Nice PvE System, The PvP System could use some work since most people can one hit ea other. And ummm... What am I missing ... O yah theres a nice quest system and the best of all. This game is 100,000% Original Which I love ^-^ and you dont need to be smart to play (Like taking exams and stuff, But there is alot of reading which I dont mind).

Props to Falacy, Strai, and who ever contributed to the creation of the potential #1 game on Byond

^Spelled it like the for a reason^
So dont give me lip
hi i like the game when will it be back up :)
falacy this is not a reply!

if ur english tell me why is this game not working sice ur the owner please i cant wait i wanna play it so bad

please reply to this msg!!

This is best game I ve ever saw...I love this game...but...I want play it very...very much...pls staart :D
i luv dis game!!! i played it like months ago.. soo plzzz start the server plzzzz
man are u guys ever going come back on i been waiting to play again and c wat u add to it game on byond
wats takin that game ssssssssoooooooo lllooonnnnggg to start i like the game they like the game we all like the game so start it pppppllllllllzzzzzzzz

PD : hola Edward Elric

when the hell is this game ganna work falacy please u are tortering us

ps:hi bennie u play this game?
me wana play this game is badly please put it up again i beg you
pfft my comment will be the coolest..u-u, put up the game so we can play it! ^ ^
how long till this game becomes playable ???
come on falacy plz plz plz put back the game
ppl if U are waiting to play Get on the fucking waiting list
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