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hello there :)
Hiya o__o

I haven't updated the blog in forever but I will be sometime soon. =P
wait.... FIVNFIVAOEDJA *continues to freak out*

I've been gifted a membership?!?

;__; *rivers of tearful joy* Thanks so much. I really don't know how to repay a gesture like this.
also, I switched it into a game hub, so the old Demo hub was deleted.
lol it's my pleasure, when your game appeared in the slush pile for me to test out and judge i thought it seems promising, now you'll have a bit more advertisement and all the other little perks membership comes with, it was only 1 years membership but hope it helps :).
Ah, I see, Well, I
ll have the new version up within the next day or so (providing that I don't hit many snags in the code)

I'm fine if you don't want to list it now, the fact that it's being noticed is more than I could ask for.
Finally could you do one last thing on this page, it would be to do this:

Manage Site ->
Manage Fans/contributors ->
On left there's a box to Add ranks ->
Make the rank Layout Manager and click add rank ->
Click Add privilege and select Manage layout.

Now find me in the default rank and move me to the Layout manager.
Yes, because I just tried to make a layout and I balls'd it up.
lol hehe ok :)
Well i'll be happy to help with it.
Okay, done, and thanks, this means a lot to me. *manly tears*
Of course it works, Like a Baws!
Also, could the links be kind of an aqua color, I like the black background but the blue doesn't stand out very well. *feels like I'm asking too much as it is* @[email protected]
hmm how's this look now?
Ah, very nice, though the highlights where it shows the posters name and the comment # could be darker.
any better?
Fantastic, that looks great. Also, I'm loving the font for the main title of the blog. I'm like "LOL, it's so spiffy, awesome =)"
ok then! that's hopefully good enough and i hope i helped :), i'll be off now :D

Good luck with your game.
ok ok i fiddled round with your css again lol
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