Naruto, Ninja Arts!

by Asakuraboy
Naruto, Ninja Arts!
A long standing Byond game, continually updated, that progresses alongside the series. Challenge the world of Ninjas, alone or alongside friends to discover your Nindo!

Will you become the hero of your village, or the villain feared by all!
Lead your village to glory through inter-village wars or revolt against the villages with like-minded shinobi to overthrow everything they stand for!

What's your Nindo?

If you see people ingame (through the who verb) with GM prefix they are either owner or co-owner
if you see them with ADMIN prefix they are admin

If you need any help and can't find what you need in the starter guide then ask one of these guys!


Hi NNA rox! So does Asakuraboy!
NNA rox! So does Indigo! =P
NNA is the Best naruto game on byond.It rox
NNA rox! So does Mystic >:)
I rock :D, and NNA Rock and We all Rock :D, NNA FTW
it looks like a real naruto rpg
NNA FTW!!!!! xD
the game is so cool
Naruto Ninja Arts deserves to be in BYOND Anime more than some of the games that are on there. This game is making great progress and is one of the more better modified rips on BYOND.

Gameplay= 6/10
Originality= 8/10
Recurring Player= 7/10
Overall= 8/10
Today I'm going to do a little review. You guys did a lot of nice things that i liked. Let me point out some of the jutsus like Chidori and Rasengan clash. i think it looks brilliant when they clash you did a superb job on that. i like some features like the element system. most Naruto games on Byond skip that part of the game while they shouldn't. Some of the clothing are very nice and it is up to date unlike some Naruto games not having Shippuuden clothes. Some downsides to this game is that it has a lot of ripped turfs and map. I do agree with KyoInuzaki93 on it being one of the better Naruto rips on byond. Keep up the good work.
Played much better games, this game isnt really, eh, well either way i'm not a big fan of it and it doesnt even have the things i really want to see in a naruto game, rip or original. But the sad part is i even thought of contributing to the game with stuff.
Eh, this game is alright. But.. The Genin Exam, doing 30 jutsus is just too much. Also, Training is too slow. And, map is rly boring.
This is cool game try it XD really try it
Play This Game its one of the best games on byond!!!!

This game is kwl!!
this is a cool game but it has so much lag
Looks like im finna have some fun with this
this game is awesome but it takes SOOOOOO! long to download resources....
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