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How reliable is SendPage() to send emails from games? Does the game need to be online for the email to send correctly? Or can I send it while the game is not being hosted?
It's not reliable at all, I suggest not using it much. With member benefits and all that it gets pretty tricky.
From my experience, it's as reliable as the pager, just a tad slower. The game does not need to be hosted in order for it to send correctly.
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Well, can you tell me how you use it to send emails?

Now I'm a little rusty with DM, but this is how I am trying to use it, but I am failing.

var/subject = "[winget(usr,"ContactForm.subject","text")] - Gizhy Games Chat"

You first fill out an interface form that I've made then hit the send button. After which the above code gets executed.
What's wrong with it? It seems pretty fine looking at it. Are you not receiving the email? The trick about the SendPage() function(which obviously isn't documented) is that what ever contact you're trying to send a page to, they must be a friend on your pager. As for emails, I don't know if you have to input an actual email or just the user's key. I imagine if you have "email=1" set then it sends a message to the email attached to the user's key.
Yeah, I'm not receiving the email at all. Well, I've checked both emails and neither of them received an email from Gizhy Games Chat.

If this feature doesn't work properly I suggest they remove the 'email=1' portion of 'SendPage()' until they can fix whatever is causing this. Or just remove it period.
Hmm do any of you have,

"Allow to contact me regarding news, contests, promotions, etc."


Just a thought.
No, I have it ticked. Would it make a difference to 'SendPage()' whether it is ticked or not?
Not too sure was just a stab in the dark as it does say "etc"
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Gizhy wrote:
No, I have it ticked. Would it make a difference to 'SendPage()' whether it is ticked or not?

Yes, it does matter.
So what does it affect? And how?

I never thought something on the site would affect a built-in procedure in Dream Maker.
SendPage() goes through the hub, so it's obviously going to be affected. People have to opt-in to being sent messages by automated means, including SendPage().
So BYOND doesn't have any useful means of sending an email through a pre-made interface form? Without the use of PHP or Java, etc.. Solely using DM I'm saying.

I think it would be useful for the developers to be able to implement a report bug script using only DM and Interface Forms.

I do know that BYOND has a Bug Report section included into/onto each and every hub created. But for it to be included into each game (i.e. an 'email()' procedure, similar to the PHP 'mail()' function) would be very helpful, and more accessible for the players.
No, BYOND does not have a way to just send an email to someone. You're probably better off doing something in PHP and using that by having the user input their email and all that in the bug report since the hub isn't going to provide you with an address to send it to. It would also have to use your own server to send the mail instead of BYOND's, so you'd end up having to put it on your own site or something.

Otherwise we'd have to go through the hub and send emails without ever knowing the address of the client since most people don't make their address known -- this would increase the stress on the hub and bandwidth on the mail services the hub does use.
Well sending an email through PHP is simple child's play.

As for it creating stress, it would only cause stress depending on how many people actually implemented it into there games to use it to send emails.

How much stress could a simple email script cause BYOND anyways?
A lot of stress if someone decided to abuse it, the mail wouldn't be coming from the sender's computer, it would be coming through the BYOND servers. There's no way for BYOND to use the client's computer to send mail if the client doesn't have a mail server running on their computer.

I think it's best to stick with letting PHP on a server with a mail service that the developer has control over.
BYOND should of never implemented any thing to do with emails in send page its a bit silly.

You can do this with world.Export or similar.
Hmm, thanks for the reminder A.T.H.K I never thought of using 'Export()' I'm pretty sure I could come up with something.