Naruto The Final Battle

by Matt3151
Naruto The Final Battle
Naruto: The Final Battle 3.0 Coming Soon!
Please use these forums for game updates as well as general Naruto discussion!

Notes: Please read the rules when you enter the game! We do not give boosts to those who rank the game, please do not ask.


Credits/Former Staff:
XzDog- For releasing Naruto Izou and allowing us to grow from what were humble beginnings to where we are now
NeoAce - For granting us not only use of his original icons in Izou, but finding and contacting Matt to allow us to use more updated versions
Branks - Original Izou Icon Artist
Malkortia - Original Izou Icon Artist
Matt3151 / Matt - Main programmer for NTFB
DarkX85 / Kalak - Main iconner for NTFB
Mike4593 / Sefirosu - Co-owner and Head Administrator for NTFB
UlquiorraSchiffer4 / Hydra - Submitted Icons
Reddeye / Reddeye - Submitted Icons
Silent0killa / Daniil - Submitted Icons
Treak - Submitted Icons
Ashley - Submitted Icons
FluffyKitten / Kitty - Helped with Programming

About NTFB:
Naruto Izou was a game released unto BYOND around 2004-2005, and featured few villages and clans. But what was most liked about the Naruto Izou source was a Stat Point system. We have adopted this system, and improved on it to our needs.

Eventually the project grew and we added more players and staff. Now we are looking at a server with an average around 60 players and 100 at peak hours.
The only thing that is particularly left of Izou is very few of the turfs here and there

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I believe this is one of the BEST BYOND Naruto Games their is!
This game blows and all the admins suck cock D:<
nice one Jmkam
Kurotheshadow wrote:
nice one Jmkam
yeah there are sum jerky admins that kill you just be cuz they can but this game is great
I am not a jerk T_T
yo why is dis game so unpopular..theres way sukier games more popular the dis..every one should try to share it
Believe this IS the best naruto game in Byond
Wandering Hero wrote:
I agree, this is the best game on byond...but it need more mambers for rank up... all Admins are great...I LOVE THIS GAME!
(Kitty, XIII owns!)
This game shoud be number one. But everyone who come to byond first search for 1st place games like goa and others. but when they final see that goa sux they serch for fast lvl uping, a lot of jutsus and clans game like this. THIS GAME IS AWSOME!!!!!!!!!!
o yeah and admins dont sux they are great special XIII
THis games OWNS
the only admin to watch not to get on the bad side really is jmkam, and when i said nice one i was being sarcastic
I like this game Kitty and XIII are nice Admins
kitty ,XII and kalak owns i play this game since 2001 and is the best
wow i like hearing some f these comments ^^
why this game not on i feel lonely
why is game offline?
when will it be back?
Damn I really hope it will come back soon I am bored dudes
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