Naruto The Final Battle

by Matt3151
Naruto The Final Battle
Naruto: The Final Battle 3.0 Coming Soon!
I like bacon ~Noshi
I like Noshi , no lie ~ Maito
The server is on anohter hud i think ion know but you gotta see yo friends playing the game well thats how i jus use lemoni
hey someone give me the game link plss
add marius23 and give link ok
game should be up today if matt isnt to tired ofc.
why game is down??
Can someone give me host files? I would like to host please ^_^
Bleach353, your an idiot if you think they would give someone who has no credibility host files.
why is the game down

Can someone please host?
That's cute, Dwice. Go troll another game.
In response to Mike4593
Mike4593 wrote:
That's cute, Dwice. Go troll another game.

troll? tried to act big and bad failed at it and made themself seem like a retard than bans.. not "trolling" but gz fag
Damn - Pupp
anyone know when this game is coming back ??
when this game start again??
I miss this game. Hope it comes back.
Put the game up home skillin biscit !
This game is my life.. Come back ;o
put the game back up
what happen to the game? the guy said it was a reboot? never came back after a few hours :/
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