Idle RPG

by Repsteve
Idle RPG
Idle RPG - Can you Idle the Longest?
Idle RPG v2.0.0 - Open Alpha

-Added monster fighting
-You can now see a character walk around the screen.
-Added a brand new login system.
-Players can now start completely over.
-UI has been redone.
-Added a MOTD to the game.
-Added actual classes.(please note this is a WIP)
-Starting stats are high. (NOTE: This will be for Alpha and beta testing only!)

Notice:There will be times when the server will have to be wiped. This includes when new classes are added to the server. Also note that right now the game about 30% complete. There is a lot of stuff that still needs to be added and worked out. Also, I am working on a "Send Feedback" feature for players so they can send bug reports ect.

Thanks goes out to TomEvil for helping me a bit with the code. Without his help some of the stuff in this major over haul would of never happened.


Come on in Idle or chat with other players!!

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